2 Cent Tuesday: NBA Finals, Draymond Green, Bill Simmons & More

2 Cent Tuesday sports blog

Today’s 2 Cent Tuesday sports blog once again recaps my observations on the top trending sports news like the NBA Finals, Draymond Green, Bill Simmons and more.

NBA Finals Game 6 – Happy to see that a legitimate championship series has re-emerged between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors. Two-thirds of Cleveland’s Big 3 came up huge last night as both LeBron James and Kyrie Irving scored 41 points to force a series return to the shores of Lake Erie.

Draymond Green – Most fans outside Oakland, CA have grown weary of hearing Draymond Green’s name in the news as well as witnessing his poor sportsmanship and non-stop whining with officials. Green is a terrific player who needs to mature quickly; otherwise, he’ll be branded a cheap shot and baby in spite of his fabulous ability on the hardwood.

Bill Simmons – Draymon Green’s crying and unnecessary petulance pails in comparison to this talented former ESPN personality. Simmons needs to squelch his pouting and eschew any future feuding with ESPN boss John Skipper. Many fans already view Simmons as a whiner, so there’s nothing to be gained by exacerbating an untoward reputation.

A Gordie Howe Hat Trick – The sports world lost one of its most iconic stars last week.However, while reading about Mr. Hockey’s incredible accomplishments during his 28 year career, I learned the genesis of a “Gordie Howe Hat Trick” or scoring a goal, assisting on another and getting into a fight.

Hockey great Gordie Howe

Tecatito – That’s right. Remember the name and check out the diminutive Mexican striker Jesus “Mecatito” Corona on You Tube today. His sensational dribbling through and scoring on Venezuela last night to earn his team a 1 – 1 draw and advance to the knock out stage of the 2016 Copa America Tournament.

More 2 Cent Tuesday: European Soccer, MIA Kevin Love, Jason Kidd and Nate Robinson

European Soccer Violence – Hooligans have wielded their ugly heads at Euro 2016 in France. Authorities are taking aim at a group of Russian fans and may be deported some back to their homeland for violent behavior directed at English fans when the two teams faced off last weekend in Marseille. No room for hooligans in sports. Pack ‘em up and send them home – quickly.

Jason Kidd Gets Contract Extension – Reports indicate that the Milwaukee Bucks will offer their second year coach a 3 year, $15 million extension. Wow! Kidd led the Bucks to a 41 – 41 record last season following a disastrous ending to his abbreviated stint as a part-time owner and unsuccessful coach with an irresponsible DUI conviction with the Brooklyn Nets.

Former NBA All-Star Jason Kidd

Nate Robinson – The 5’9” NBA Slam Dunk Champion desires to become the first ever athlete to play in both the NBA and NFL. An incredibly athletic 32 year-old, Robinson is trying out with his home town Seattle Seahawks as a kick returner. Here’s hoping the feisty and resourceful Robinson earns a spot on the team. If he makes the squad, I’ll be an instant fan.

MIA Kevin Love – Where oh where is Kevin Love? He should have been reported as missing in action with his anemic stat sheet of 2 points in 33 minutes is not indicative of a $20 million member of the Cleveland Cavaliers’ Big 3. Some one find out where Kevin Love disappeared.

And, that’s my 2 cents on today’s sports news.

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