2 Cent Tuesday: Stand Up Quickly Colin Kaepernick

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In today’s 2 Cent Tuesday sports blog I beseech you, NFL QB Colin Kaepernick, to stand up quickly!

Get off your misinformed butt and show some respect for a flag that represents unity, pride, courage and all things good about the United States of America.

Sure, I understand that our nation isn’t perfect and as citizens of this great, but at times flawed country, we have serious issues to overcome.

However, the stars and stripes has been and should always be our rallying point. Don’t mock it with your offensive protest.

Our nation’s flag is color blind and has always stood as a beacon of hope for all people and a bastion of all things great that our country has to offer; i.e. opportunity, refuge, prosperity, etc.

I fully support your right to free speech, Mr. NFL QB for the 49ers. But, you’ve gone about expressing yourself in a very wrong and irresponsible way.

The American Flag Stands for All

The American flag stands for all – white, black, brown, red and yellow. It does not discriminate nor side with one people group over another.

As a nation, we honor the flag before sporting events. We do so in order to acknowledge that as people, we may be divided on issues, but we’re aligned when it comes to being a part of something much bigger and far greater than ourselves – the United States of America.

If you want to protest, go ahead. Be my guest. However, let’s hear what you have to say that’s instructive, constructive, inclusive and not divisive.

Have a plan and just don’t fire ill informed opinions into the wind when interviewed.

You are a handsomely paid professional athlete making $19 million per year with access to media and fans that others your age and race can never fathom.

Use your platform wisely. Run and change directions from your current petulant position as you would flee from NFL defensive linemen looking to sack you.

Suggestions for Colin Kaepernick

May I suggest, Colin Kaepernick, that you become involved in a local community that you deem oppressed. Help a kid learn to read. Become a community watch volunteer. Offer comfort to families stricken by the brutality in the neighborhoods where they reside.

May I ask you to dig deep into your wallet and invest in programs, outreaches or causes that can make an immediate difference in the welfare of those who would benefit from your generosity.

May I urge you to deplore gangster rap and other music that poisons the minds and lives of impressionable kids and sucks them into a lifestyle from which tragically there is no escape.

May I encourage you to take positive, non-violent action against law enforcement officials you claim are now on paid leave in spite of their purportedly committing murder.

May I implore you to refrain from offending men and women of all races, colors and creeds who have served, and even died, who have or are currently defending your misguided right of free speech.

So, Colin Kaepernick, get off your butt and stand. Stand for something that makes sense and positively impacts our society. Respect the flag and what it stands for.

Because right now, your passive aggressive arrogance is only dividing us.

And that’s my 2 cents!

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