2 Cent Tuesday: Sports Cliches Need to be Retired

2 Cent Tuesday sports blogToday’s 2 Cent Tuesday sports blog bemoans outdated sports cliches that need to be retired.

That’s because over the years, much has changed in sports.

Super talented athletes have gotten bigger, faster and stronger.

Player salaries have skyrocketed.

And, ESPN media coverage has become ubiquitous.

However, some sports expressions, which should have succumbed to obsolescence or political correctness, still remain in sportscasters’ collective vocabulary.

Sports Cliches That Need to Be Retired

These dated clichés, especially in football, need to be retired. I think they represent what’s worst about sports because sportscasters insist on utilizing sophomoric language from a by-gone era.

In addition to referring to the Hail Mary Pass, here are a few other football related examples:

While in pass protection, offensive linemen should surround Humvees and M5 Tanks around their QB instead of circling covered wagons.

Interception prone quarterbacks should be said to post their obvious attempted pass on Facebook instead of telegraphing it.

Talented receivers should stop on a $50 bill instead of a worthless piece of currency – a dime.

Cornerbacks and safeties should no longer be complimented for covering receivers in what are now obsolete phone booths.

Lame quarterback passes should never be described as wounded ducks for fear of animal rights activists picketing NFL stadiums on Sundays in the fall.

And, once complimentary, but now frowned upon references like a player shooting himself in the foot, rifle armed quarterbacks or teams with lots of weapons should be eradicated before sensitivity experts blame such harmful language for societal ills.

Old, outdated football clichés should join leather helmets, the Statue of Liberty play and horse collar tackles as a thing of the past.

Let’s challenge sportscasters to keep up with the times and refine their collective sports vocabularies to reflect more modern, relevant ways to report on the action.

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