2 Cent Tuesday: NFL Week 2 Pot of Angst

2 Cent Tuesday sports blogThe NFL may have only completed Week 2 of its 16 week 2015 season, but my pot of angst is already burbling up and gushing over.

Plenty of players, coaches, fans, commercials and new wagering web sites have wasted no time to sully my spectating enjoyment.

So, here’s my 2 cents on why my blood pressure has risen, my aggravation has increased and my patience has thinned.

Allow me vent about recent NFL Week 2 news that annoys me about as much as the squeaky voice Peyton Manning Directv commercial.

Here are seven snippets certain to ruffle your feathers, too:

Ndamukong Suh saga – the Miami Dolphins new $114 million man has transported his truck load of drama to South Florida as evidenced by his questionable Week 1 extra-curricular action and purportedly ignoring his coach’s defensive instructions during the Fins Week 2 loss to the lowly Jacksonville Jaguars.

Adrian Peterson’s standing ovation in Minnesota – OK, Vikings fans, are you that desperate for a Week 2 win that you rise and applaud a child batterer and notorious lecher who refuses to pay child support to some of his baby mamas?

Fan Duel and Draft Kings advertising – STOP! I’ve had enough of these ubiquitous ads aimed to flim-flam innocent NFL fans into thinking that it’s just as easy to win a personal fortune constructing your very own fantasy football team as it is by simply buying a Powerball ticket at a convenience store off the Interstate.

Peyton Manning commercials – tune into any game on any station and you’re likely to see plenty of Papa John’s, Directv, Gatorade and Nationwide Insurance commercials with Peyton Manning. I like the guy and respect his amazing quarterbacking ability, but enough already!

Jay Cutler injured again. Imagine that. Reporting that Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler is hurt again is about as predictable as writing that Ndamukong Suh hit a defenseless offensive player after the whistle.

Kam Chancellor’s unnecessary holdout in Seattle – why, Kam, are you being so selfish? You have three years left on an already lucrative deal, so why hurt your 0 – 2 team’s chemistry by demanding more money?

Rex Ryan bloviating in Buffalo – we all knew it was coming, but we just didn’t know we’d get this much blathering this soon in the season.

The list is probably longer than it needs to be after only two weeks of NFL action, but I just had to vent and share my burbling pot of angst.

That’s my 2 cents!

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