2 Cent Tuesday: Detroit Lions’ Matthew Stafford’s $135 Million Contract Extension

2 Cent Tuesday sports blogToday’s 2 Cent Tuesday sports blog questions the enormity – and absurdity – of Matthew Stafford’s whopping five-year $135 million contract extension with the Detroit Lions.

Wow, a $135 million contract extension!

That’s a lot of jack for an NFL player!

The Ford Family, owners of the Detroit Lions football franchise, awarded the monstrous, record setting contract yesterday to a good, but not great NFL QB.

More Than Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers & Russell Wilson Earn

At $27 million per year, Matthew Stafford’s contract ranks as the most lucrative deal in league history. It’s enormous and absurd all at the same time. And, it’s more than Super Bowl winning quarterbacks Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson earn each season.

I don’t believe that I’m the only incredulous football fan who has guffawed at the Detroit Lions’ king’s ransom given to a guy who’s never won an NFL Playoff Game let alone compete for a Super Bowl ring.

Plus, he plays a brutal sport, beset by ever growing horror stories surrounding players’ long-term health, where the inevitability of injury is far greater than that of professional basketball, baseball and soccer players.

Detroit Lions management argues that the franchise is just offering market value, while NFL pundits are claiming that Matthew Stafford’s deal establishes a new level on the value of elite QB contracts and fans should expect an even higher bar to be set in the future.

However, how much longer until many fans, struggling to make ends meet and upset with the league’s handling of the Colin Kaepernick inspired protests, say enough?

In addition, will Billionaire owners say “no mas” when their star QB’s contract comes up for renewal?

Or, will these same owners finally negotiate performance based incentives in future contract extensions instead of spending like drunken sailors on shore leave?

$27 million per year for Matthew Stafford!

It seems unfathomable and irresponsible and places an impossible weight on Stafford to perform and quickly deliver championships to one of the last remaining NFL cities without a Vince Lombardi Trophy.

Certainly, the overall number one selection in the 2009 NFL Draft has become an admired professional as he was named to the 2009 NFL Pro Bowl. Plus, the former Georgia Bulldog has amassed an impressive 278 yards-per-game passing average to date that rates as the best ever in the NFL after eight seasons.

Matthew Stafford’s Pedestrian 51 – 58 Winning Record

However, Matthew Stafford’s pedestrian 51 – 58 career winning record begs football fans to question the absurdity of Stafford’s contract.

To break down Stafford’s mega deal in simplified terms, let’s do the math after analyzing Lions’ 16 games in 2016 along with the 64 average number of passing plays per game Matthew Stafford attempted in 2016.

$27 million annual contract divided by 16 games equals $1,687,500 per contest divided by 64 average passing play per game equals $26,367 per pass lasting an average length of 7 seconds per play. Yowza!

$26,367 per pass is a passer efficiency rating to write home about.

It sure is enormous, but to the working guy with a growing discontent with the NFL, it’s absolutely absurd!

And, that’s my 2 cents!

Anxious to hear your opinion on the new Matthew Stafford contract.

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