Sports Cliche: They Raised the Bar as a Team

MRO 45 Raised Bar as TeamThe New York Rangers’ dramatic 3 -2 overtime victory against the Montreal Canadiens yesterday gave them a 3 – 1 advantage in the NHL Eastern Conference Finals.

With only a win away from winning the playoff series, the Rangers can return to the Stanley Cup Finals for the first time in 20 years.

The Rangers’ thrilling all-around team effort reminded me of one of my chapters from my FREE book Clever Sports Comics.

Here’s an excerpt:

In this comic, the timeless sports expression “raised the bar as a team” is cleverly brought to life by euphoric hockey players.

The Terriers here may not be celebrating a Stanley Cup victory in the NHL, but it is evident that the players are extremely excited about their recent victory.

These players recognize that they have played at the highest level.

Individually, and as a team, the hockey players have raised the metaphoric bar as a team to win the championship.

No one player had solely carried the Terriers into the championship; rather, it was a total team effort.

Every player and coach on the team played a part, and all of the teammates get to raise that metaphoric bar as one.

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