#TBT Sports Blog: Remembering Pistol Pete Maravich

MIKE Comic 31 Pistol PeteToday’s #TBT sports blog honors NCAA basketball’s most prolific scorer.

Unfortunately for fans, Pistol Pete Maravich never got a chance to lace up his canvas Converse sneakers and play in the annual Big Dance.

The Big Dance or NCAA National Championship Tournament ranks as the highlight of the season for every college basketball player.

However, not every great basketball player has participated in this incredible annual event.


NBA superstars like Kobe Bryant and LeBron James chose to skip college and jump right into the NBA after high school.

Pistol Pete Maravich Never Played in Big Dance

But, the greatest college basketball player to never play in the Big Dance is LSU’s sharpshooting guard Pete Maravich.

Chronicled in my MIKE Sports Comic Book on NCAA Favorites, Pistol Pete averaged 44 points per game during his college career. He scored more points than any other player in college hoops history.

Maravich amassed his amazing point total in an era before the three point shot was even incorporated into the game. Plus, he did not play varsity basketball for LSU his first season.

If Pistol played today in the Big Dance, ESPN would probably be airing Pistol Pete Maravich Top 10 Plays of the Day every night.

Hoops fans would be marveling at the shaggy haired guard’s passing, dribbling, shooting and, without doubt, scoring the basketball.

Maravich gets my vote as the greatest college basketball player to never play in the NCAA basketball tournament. Who’s yours?

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