2009 World Series: The New Jersey Turnpike Tussle

Never before has the New Jersey Turnpike been considered such chic conversation.

The typical chatter concerning this 100+ mile stretch of congested concrete and toll toting traffic known as Interstate 95 and connecting Gotham and the City of Brotherly Love normally evokes the ire of irritated travellers.

However, this week the two hour long slab of cement has surfaced as the sports world’s salient subject – now known to Northeasterners as the Turnpike Tussle and pitts baseball’s legendary NY Yankees against the reigning world champion Philadelphia Phillies.

Expect this year’s Fall Classic to be bigger than baseball bragging rights. The 2009 World Series stakes second fiddle Philadelphia against its northerly nemesis, the more ballyhooed Big Apple.

Yes, this series should settle scores more serious than any sports rivalry. At stake are decades of debates, disputes and disagreements surrounding each city’s icononclastic idols like Rocky vs. Rudy, Broad Street vs. Broadway, Lady Liberty vs. the Liberty Bell and the critically important delicacies of Cheesesteak vs. Pizza.

So, whether you say, “Yo,” or “How you doin?” this tussle will be well worth every Turnpike toll to a World Series game….and don’t you fugghedaboutit!Straight talk. No static.

MIKE – aka Mike Raffone – thee ultimate talkin head on sports!

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