The Deadly Language in Sports

The Executioner Bernard HopkinsAs we approach Halloween, it’s only fitting that I post this blog.

The Bernard Hopkins’ comic above not only captures the iconic boxer’s macabre nickname.

But, it also serves as an example that the deadly language in sports permeates the entire landscape of sports and proves just how much the sports world is preoccupied with death.

Grim jargon and murderous mumbling in sports don’t stop with just a handful of carcinogenic cliches or chic nicknames like The Executioner.

Toxic titles are foisted upon famous teams like Doomsday Defense.

They’re given to aggressive players like The Cannibal.

And, they’re even emblazoned on college stadiums like Death Valley.

In spite of these notorious names, we accept them, along with other widespread mortal murmurings, as part of our country’s sports culture.

But, don’t blame me for the deadly diatribe.

Register responsibility with the media for the morbid manner it reports on NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and FIFA action.

Yes, unrelenting mortal utterances are ubiquitous.

I laugh when I see how completely the media’s shroud of deadly clichés, references and expressions envelop sports in our society.

That’s why I wrote the sports comic book Deadly Sports Stuff.

Deadly Sports Stuff

This book demonstrates how fixated sports fans are on the macabre. it’s available on Amazon for only 99 cents.

Examples of the Deadly Language in Sports

We applaud NFL punters for their mastery in directing punts into that eerie area called Coffin Corner.

We pay homage to fatal named athletes like The Embalmer, The Undertaker and The Executioner.

We admire the deadly marksmanship of a guy named Pistol Pete who was the greatest scorer in NCAA basketball history.

We proudly refer to two college football stadiums as Death Valley.

We even look back longingly at the 1994 Arkansas Razorback NCAA championship basketball team and their suffocating defense known as “40 Minutes of Hell.”

And, as fans, we revel in the excitement of Sudden Death Overtimes.

Sure, our country’s preoccupation with death and sports can make us wince.

But, we voluntarily participate in perpetuating the deadly language of sports.

For example:

In football, we explain how the blitzing linebacker buried the quarterback.

In baseball, we anxiously recite how teammates successfully execute a suicide squeeze play.

And, in basketball, we always seem to reference how their deadly shooters murdered us.

Admittedly, we all love it.

So, enjoy this killer comic book aptly called Deadly Sports Stuff by safely downloading it from Amazon.

It will make you laugh, but it certainly won’t kill you!

MIKE – thee ultimate talking head on sports!

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