US Tennis Open: Serena Williams Needs a Tennis Ball Binky

Serena Williams - Source Wikimedia James Boyes

During Saturday’s US Open Semi Final match, Serena Williams would have been best served by voluntarily stuffing the same ball into her mouth that she rudely offered to shove down the throat of a timid line judge.

A make-shift “tennis ball binky” probably would have saved the whining Ms. Williams an inevitable suspension. More importantly, the “fuzzy round pacifier” would have pre-empted the reigning champ’s awkward threats and classless profanity laced tirade before a shocked Arthur Ashe Stadium Center Court crowd and a perplexed television audience.

Compounding her embarassing exit, the petty, potty-mouthed Williams pouted at the post match press conference, nervously fidgeting and never apologizing for her bratty boorish behavior. However, this petulance is what we’ve come to expect from Serena – YES, a world class tennis player and a winner of 11 Grand Slam tournaments, but, NO, not a champion YET… in the eyes of most until she learns to comport herself with dignity and grace.

Serena’s recent temper tantrum only adds to a growing fan discontent for her feigning mystery injuries when beaten, criticizing the ratings sytem when she’s not on top and failing to genuinely credit her victorious opponents.

The tennis powers must act swiftly and strongly against the shameless Serena.

Time to grow up, Serena. Watch your mouth, bite your lip and curb your tongue. You can do it!

Otherwise, a “tennis ball binky” should be the only piece of equipment you ever take to a match.

Straight talk. No static.

MIKE – thee American made voice on sports!

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