Former NFL “QBKilla” Warren Sapp Now Bankrupt & Unemployed

Following yesterday’s arrest for assault and solicitation of prostitution, former NFL “QB Killa” Warren Sapp now finds himself bankrupt and unemployed. The NFL Network terminated the once dominant NFL Hall of Fame defensive tackle who had served as an analyst … Continue reading

TB Bucs Foolish to Sign Richie Incognito

The newly transformed Tampa Bay Buccaneers would be foolish to sign NFL free agent Richie Incognito.

With respected new coach Lovie Smith, proven new General Manager Jason Licht and colorful new uniforms for its upcoming 2014 campaign, the metamorphosed Tampa Bay franchise would quickly mire itself in old ways by signing the disgraced former Miami Dolphins lineman.

The new look Bucs should be seeking every conceivable way to jettison every vestige of its ugly past off its metaphoric pirate ship.

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NFL Hall of Famer Warren Sapp is No Boy!

NFL Hall of Fame inductee Warren Sapp is not a boy.

However, he’s certainly not a man either.

I think we can all agree that big ol’ 99 is a big baby, a spoiled child, a disgruntled brat, an opinionated lout and a washed up former NFL star whose behavior has grown tiresome.

Earlier this week the big fella proved just how small minded he’s become.

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Why Do Fans Tolerate Sports Scoundrels?

Regardless of where and what they play, today’s sports scoundrels always seem to rear their ugly heads.

Their bratty boorish behavior away from the field rarely seems to bother them.

Public rants, partying with their posses, run-ins with the law, and reckless philandering are part of modern day sports celebrity.

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers New Logo Not Enough Change

Yesterday, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers unveiled a new logo design for the struggling NFL franchise.

Like me, most fans immediately thought that the Bucs’ new look pretty much resembled the old one.

Upon closer inspection, Buccaneer fans will note a few minor changes. The pirate flag on the pewter helmets is bigger. The skeleton’s eye sockets appear larger. And, the rich red color is now even more vibrant.

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Former NFL DT Warren Sapp Slams ABC Morning Co-host Michael Strahan

Yesterday, the big fella proved just how small minded he’s become.

NFL fans have always known Hall of Fame DT Warren Sapp is a bully.

However, few were aware of just how petty the retired #99 has become until Sapp inexplicably rekindled a longtime personal feud with former NY Giants DE Michael Strahan.

Sapp senselessly slammed the Good Morning America Co-host in the media. Sapp’s cheap shot reminded NFL fans how he unnecessarily administered a needless, blind sided hit on Green Bay Packers’ OT Chad Clifton back in his playing days.

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MIKE’s FREE Book Worst in Sports: Broke Athletes

Luster begins to tarnish on their once glittering stars soon after they officially hang up their Nikes.

Personal confidence and prized possessions, two things that buoyed them during their storied athletic careers, start to decline and scatter behind them in their wake.

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