FREE Sports Comic Book: Favorite Football Comics

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Notre Dame Fighting Irish’s Touchdown Jesus

Along with the beautiful 218 foot tall bell tower of the Basilica of the Sacred Heart and the gleaming 187 foot tall gold dome of the school’s administration building, the 210 foot tall Hesburgh Library forms the skyline of America’s … Continue reading

Favorite Sports Royalty: Gretzky, Kaiser, TD Jesus, King James, Sir Charles, etc.

A regal collection of eclectic individuals comprises Favorite Sports Royalty. It’s my newest book available on Amazon.

Splendid sports figures, exalted teams and the mural of a college campus’ half-god, half-man deity are featured in this book.

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What Would Notre Dame Football’s Touchdown Jesus Do?

With robust revenue from a fat NBC Sports television contract, annual college football bowl game guarantees and a new mega rich Under Armour sponsorship deal, a poignant question recently surfaced.

What would Touchdown Jesus do on the campus of the University of Notre Dame with all that money?

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