FREE Comic Book: Worst About Sports 2nd Edition

My 2nd edition of Worst About Sports can be downloaded for FREE.

A best selling book on what’s Best About Sports wouldn’t be complete without a complementary book on what’s Worst About Sports.

Enjoy my 2nd edition of this popularly downloaded FREE sports comic book because it’s recently been updated.

As I penned in my previous book – Best About Sports – the subject of sports always triggers debate. The same applies here in Worst About Sports.

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MIKE’s FREE Book Worst in Sports: Tattoos (Yuck!)

Tattoos blanket the bodies of far too many athletes.

Etch-a-sketch “body art”, inked on chiseled forearms, biceps, necks, backs and shoulders, sullies my spectating enjoyment.

That’s why tattoos belong in my book Worst About Sports.

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