#TBT Sports Blog: Inauspicious Debut of the Super Bowl in 1967

Today’s #TBT sports blog rewinds football fans’ love affair with the NFL Super Bowl way back to January 15, 1967. That’s the day when the now most watched television event in American history made its inauspicious debut. The initial metrics … Continue reading

Sports Adage: That’s Why We Play the Games!

Legendary University of Kentucky basketball coach Adolph Rupp popularized the famous sports adage, “That’s why we play the games to see who wins.”

Rupp’s basketball quote surprisingly found its way onto the DecoTurf tennis surface of Arthur Ashe Stadium yesterday, ringing especially true at this year’s US Open men’s semifinals.

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Denver Broncos QB Peyton Manning: Better QB or Comedic Actor?

Over the past two weeks, nearly every NFL fan in America has seen Peyton Manning perform admirably on television as a comedic actor and product spokesman.

Tomorrow night, a global television audience will witness whether the same Denver Broncos’ QB can play well enough on the football field to become the first ever NFL QB to lead two different teams to Super Bowl victories.

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