The Annual NFL Crucial Catch Campaign to “Intercept” Cancer

Today’s Sunday Special Sports Blog focuses on a priceless endeavor. It recognizes the NFL, once again, for making A Crucial Catch its annual initiative to raise awareness of, or as its slogan aptly states, to intercept cancer. The NFL’s Crucial … Continue reading

2 Cent Tuesday: NFL Not as Predictable This Season

Today’s 2 Cent Tuesday blog recaps some early surprises in this year’s NFL season. For a seemingly predictable league, this year’s NFL campaign has been anything but predictable. Who’d a thunk that… The vaunted NFL, the prestigious long time media … Continue reading

2 Cent Tuesday: Dallas Cowboys’ Greg Hardy Has Got To Go

Dallas Cowboys’ DE Greg Hardy has got to go. Now! Since Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones lacks the courage to pink slip the talented defender, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell must step in to banish Hardy immediately. Jones’ and Goodell’s silence and … Continue reading

New England Patriots QB Tom Brady Brilliant in NFL Season Debut

With the NFL Deflate Gate controversy legally behind him, New England Patriots QB Tom Brady was brilliant last night and let all the air out of his detractors’ arguments during his 2015 NFL season debut. Brady dissected a normally stout … Continue reading

NFL Suspension of QB Tom Brady Very “Ugg-ly”

The NFL’s suspension of New England Patriots’ QB Tom Brady is nothing short of “Ugg-ly!” That’s right. “Ugg-ly!” Today’s 2 Cent Tuesday sports blog focuses on yesterday’s shockingly ‘ugg-ly” story that has consumed our daily sports news. The Australian Uggs designer … Continue reading

Super Bowl XLIX Winner: Patriots or Seahawks?

Predicting the Super Bowl XLIX winner is anybody’s guess. Las Vegas odds makers have made the New England Patriots a slim one point favorite over reigning NFL champs the Seattle Seahawks. Both teams are now 14 – 4 for the … Continue reading

Ray Rice Story Opens Door for Domestic Abuse Dialogue

Just watch television, listen to the radio, read any sports blog or check Twitter. Former NFL RB Ray Rice’s sickening assault continues to dominate headlines across sports and non-sports media platforms.

And rightfully so!

Even last night, CBS Sports’ James Brown delivered an impassioned Thursday Night Football pre-game speech that both gripped and educated a national television audience.

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NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on Domestic Abuse

Yesterday, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell exercised the extraordinary power of his office and brought down his huge hammer with thunderous force.

And, the shocking sound of his proposed new sanctions resonated all across America today.

Goodell announced the NFL’s new domestic abuse policy that should sting all repugnant, battering players with the same shocking wallop as their unexpected, abusive physical attacks perpetrated upon physically weaker women and children.

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NFL Commissioner’s Ray Rice Suspension a Joke

It’s a “good thing” Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice only punched his fiancé (now wife) in the face and knocked her unconscious in the Revel Casino elevator in Atlantic City.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell only suspended him for two games this coming season for violating the league’s personal conduct policy.

What a joke!

Ironically, Rice could have committed these “egregious” acts and faced far stiffer sanctions from the NFL Commissioner’s office.

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