#TBT Sports Blog: Team is Knocking at the Door

Today’s #TBT sports blog remembers an old sports cliché about a team “knocking at the door.” For me, this old adage has always screamed for further interpretation. It’s confusing, don’t you think?. Not even the most knowledgeable fan can fully … Continue reading

An Old Sports Cliche: The Roof Caved In

Here’s an unnerving comic!

Frightened hockey players flee for their safety while incredulous fans helplessly look on from the stands. The roof is caving in.

It’s a scary scene that could metaphorically happen in any NHL game or any NFL, NBA, MLB or FIFA event for that matter.

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The Old Sports Cliche: Team Has Lots of Weapons

In all of sports, there may not be a more intimidating warning than hearing that the opposing team has lots of weapons.

In this comic, this armed and dangerous metaphoric expression is readily apparent.

In the sport of soccer consider closely the prowess on the pitch of club teams teams like Real Madrid, Manchester City and Bayern Munich or national teams like Brazil, Argentina, Germany and The Netherlands.

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