#TBT Sports Blog: 2011 Satire on Tim Tebow’s Nike Shoes

Today’s #TBT sports blog rewinds the clock several years to a satirical piece I penned in 2011 about Nike recalling Tim Tebow’s new cross training shoes. Many Tebow fans may have genuinely believed the former Florida Gator’s new Nikes really … Continue reading

2 Cent Tuesday: Adidas Offers $200M to NBA’s James Harden

Today’s 2 Cent Tuesday blog poses two obvious questions fiscally conscious basketball fans should be asking. One – does it make sense for Adidas to spend monopoly type money on one NBA star to build its basketball shoe brand? Two … Continue reading

Nike – Just (Can’t) Do It!

Nike – the world’s leading sports brand…just CAN’T do it! Fire Tiger Woods, that is. Earlier this week Sports Business Journal quoted Nike Chairman and Co-founder Phil Knight’s carelessly casual comment concerning Woods’ X-rated, extra-marital escapades. Knight said, “When Tiger’s … Continue reading

Basketball Hall of Fame: Air Jordan…..Now Grounded!

His tears were genuine. He appeared poised, once again, to soar above all mere mortals in the basketball world. However, the monumental chip on Michael Jordan’s shoulder loomed larger than any words 23 uttered at last week’s Basketball Hall of … Continue reading