2 Cent Tuesday: Bowl Dodging Leonard Fournette and Christian McCaffrey

Today’s 2 Cent Tuesday blog explores the latest trend in college sports – bowl dodging. 2016 Heisman hopefuls and projected NFL 1st round draft picks Leonard Fournette of LSU and Christian McCaffrey of Stanford announced that they would be skipping, … Continue reading

The NFL Draft’s Final Pick: Mr. Irrelevant

It’s the dubious distinction given to the very last or 256th pick in the NFL Draft. Paul Salata, a former NFL wide receiver is credited with starting the good natured Mr. Irrelevant movement way back in 1976. At first, some … Continue reading

The NFL Draft and The Wonderlic Test

Now, here’s a strange name for a very important test! Every year at the NFL Combine, draft prospects learn that there’s nothing wonderful about taking the Wonderlick test – that mandatory and daunting exam with a funny sounding & highly intimidating … Continue reading

The Unique Language of the 2014 NFL Draft

When organizing its first draft in 1936, the NFL never imagined how successful its new event would become.

Nor did the NFL realize its growing sport would spawn its own unique language – NFL Draft Speak – complete with idiomatic phrases determining the future fortunes of forecasted first round picks.

Last year’s NFL Draft telecast surpassed competing NBA playoff game coverage. And now, the most televised non-athletic athletic event calls for expert analysis like never before.

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