2 Cent Tuesday: New England Patriots’ Tom Brady NFL G.O.A.T.

Today’s 2 Cent Tuesday states the obvious! Congratulations to the undisputed NFL G.O.A.T. Tom Brady and his New England Patriots for their stunning 34 – 26 overtime victory over the Atlanta Falcons in Sunday night’s Super Bowl LI in Houston, … Continue reading

2 Cent Tuesday Sports Blog: Chris Carter Comments

  Today’s 2 Cent Tuesday Sports Blog begs for a direct response from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell regarding Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee and ESPN analyst Chris Carter’s  “fall guy” comments. It appears as if Goodell’s very own Park … Continue reading

The NFL Draft’s Final Pick: Mr. Irrelevant

It’s the dubious distinction given to the very last or 256th pick in the NFL Draft. Paul Salata, a former NFL wide receiver is credited with starting the good natured Mr. Irrelevant movement way back in 1976. At first, some … Continue reading

NFL Redskins Nickname Re-emerges as Washington, DC’s Political Football

Changing the name of the NFL’s Redskins re-emerged last week as a political football to be kicked around Washington, DC.

Instead of creating jobs, extricating our troops from Afghanistan or reducing our dependence on foreign oil, some of our country’s legislators are once again focusing their energies haggling over a football team’s nickname.

National news was made when Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid from Nevada led 49 other U.S. Senators in sending a letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell denouncing the Washington Redskins’ 80 year-old nickname.

The May 22, 2014 letter claimed that the Redskins name was racist and needed to be changed.

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