Derek Jeter’s Magical Final MLB All-Star Game

On a warm July night in Minneapolis, Mr. November or The Captain – otherwise known as Derek Jeter – enjoyed a magical night in his 14th and final MLB All-Star Game.

Jeter went 2 for 2 in the mid-summer classic and further cemented his reputation as the most respected player in the game today.

A viral Nike Jordan Brand video attests to the level of respect #2 has garnered as top athletes, famous entertainers, fellow all-stars and even rival Red Sox fans tip their caps to the incomparable New York Yankees shortstop.

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MLB Legend Babe Ruth Retires on this Day in 1935

Perhaps the most famous baseball player ever, George Herman Babe Ruth was, for years, the sport’s home run king and most beloved big league baseball player.

Though he last played in 1935, Ruth’s impact on the sport has lasted ever since.In today’s blog, I look back at the Babe’s storied career by offering this excerpt from my book Favorite Single Named Athletes.

…..Baseball fans swooned whenever the legendary Babe Ruth stepped into the batter’s box.

Yankee Stadium, where Babe’s #3 was retired in 1948, is known as “the House that Ruth Built.” Baseball’s record books rank Babe’s successes from the 1920s and 1930s as tops in several statistical categories. Sports collectors long for everything attached to him and baseball conversations still recall stories about him, both fact and fiction.

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New York Yankees’ Derek Jeter to Retire After 2014 MLB Season

After 19 pinstripe wearing seasons, the New York Yankees captain is finally calling it quits.

Yesterday, Derek Jeter formally announced that he will retire following the 2014 Major League Baseball season.

The 1996 Rookie of the Year and five-time World Series Champion is the all-time Yankees leader in games, hits, at bats and steals.

Jeter is recognized as one of the finest players and people to have ever played the game of baseball. Yesterday’s statement from MLB Commissioner Bud Selig summarizes the impact the Yankees shortstop has had on the sport.

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2009 World Series: The New Jersey Turnpike Tussle

Never before has the New Jersey Turnpike been considered such chic conversation. The typical chatter concerning this 100+ mile stretch of congested concrete and toll toting traffic known as Interstate 95 and connecting Gotham and the City of Brotherly Love … Continue reading