NCAA Football: Anybody But the FSU Seminoles

That’s right! For the past year, I’ve rooted against the FSU Seminoles. I’ve cheered on each of their opponents on every play in every quarter of every game. I’ve lampooned the team’s famous Tomahawk Chop. I’ve even booed Chief Osceola … Continue reading

What Would Notre Dame Football’s Touchdown Jesus Do?

With robust revenue from a fat NBC Sports television contract, annual college football bowl game guarantees and a new mega rich Under Armour sponsorship deal, a poignant question recently surfaced.

What would Touchdown Jesus do on the campus of the University of Notre Dame with all that money?

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MIKE’s FREE Football Comic Book: Hail Mary Pass

Football fans need not be Catholic or able to recite the Hail Mary prayer. It’s easy to understand the Hail Mary Pass.

As if through divine intervention, the Catholic Church’s reference to Mary, the biblical mother of Jesus, cleverly descended from heaven and made itself known on the football field.

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MIKE’s FREE Football Comic Book: Teams Played Tails Off

The mascots’ tails may be missing, but sports fans know that they’ve just watched a great game.

Great games happen when both teams square off in high-scoring, overtime thrillers . . . and play their tails right off.

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MIKE’s FREE Football Comic Book Features “Blue Collar Teams”

Whether their uniforms are red, green, black or orange, blue collar teams can be found in every sport.

Blue collar workers are a blast from the past, a reference to those with jobs requiring physical brawn and a tireless work ethic.

Even today, when describing hard scrapple NFL teams, this sports cliché still resonates.

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MIKE Launches FREE Sports Comic Book on Football Favorites

This FREE MIKE sports comic book is a collection of 25 entertaining football comics.

A little football history accompanies each comic. You’ll learn about the history of the Heisman as well as the Greatest Show on Turf!

You’ll enjoy reading about the brightest new NFL star, RGIII, and the greatest play in NFL history, the Immaculate Reception.

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ESPN to Televise BCS National Championship Game Tonight

Finally. The only postseason college football game that really matters kicks off in Glendale, AZ between two unbeaten teams—the Oregon Ducks and the Auburn Tigers.  Tonight’s Tostitos BCS Championship Game caps a painfully long bowl season in which 35 total … Continue reading

Auburn QB Cam Newton Cleared by NCAA for SEC Championship Game (Satire)

(Satire) This week the NCAA declared Auburn University star QB Cam Newton eligible to play in Saturday’s SEC championship game versus Steve Spurrier’s South Carolina Gamecocks. Emboldened and energized by the NCAA’s decision, Newton’s embattled father Cecil escalated his future … Continue reading