#TBT Sports Blog: College Football’s Two Death Valleys

Today’s #TBT Sports Blog tells the history of Death Valley – both of them. One of college football’s most daunting places for visiting teams to play, Death Valley rests peacefully in one of my favorite sports comic books –  Deadly … Continue reading

FREE Sports Comic Book: Favorite Football Comics

  For a fun way to kick off the work week safely download my FREE Football Comics book. It’s a collection of 25 clever football comics that bring to life familiar football terms and lampoon old gridiron clichés. A bit … Continue reading

2 Cent Tuesday: College Football’s Unique Mascots

College football officially kicks-off this weekend.

Fantastic individual performances and expertly crafted team play on the field make college football a wildly popular sport.

However, there exists more than spectacular catches, bone jarring hits and perfectly executed screen plays that contribute to the overall success of college football.

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Notre Dame Fighting Irish’s Touchdown Jesus

Along with the beautiful 218 foot tall bell tower of the Basilica of the Sacred Heart and the gleaming 187 foot tall gold dome of the school’s administration building, the 210 foot tall Hesburgh Library forms the skyline of America’s … Continue reading

NCAA Football Success: Sticking to the Game Plan

Elmer’s Glue, Scotch Tape and Velcro can be critically important to understand the next overly used sports cliché.

Without these essential supplies, we can easily see how not sticking to the game plan can be detrimental to an NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and FIFA team’s success.

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NCAA College Football’s Most Chaotic Weekend Ever

The headlines from two of today’s top sports web sites perfectly capture the most tumultuous Saturday in NCAA college football history. Early October has never before witnessed such an entertainingly crazy, wild weekend which ESPN.com deemed Embrace the Chaos and … Continue reading

Heisman Trophy: Remembering 1985 Winner Auburn’s Bo Jackson

A 1985 Heisman Trophy winner, Bo Jackson not only dominated on the football field for the Auburn University Tigers. He also excelled at two other sports – baseball and track.

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