LeBron James’ Latest Decision – Support Broncos’ Tim Tebow

LeBron James’ latest decision is the right choice. No, LeBron’s latest decision is not another debacle like last summer’s ESPN informercial interview. Rather, it’s an understanding, sympathetic tweet in support of another immensely celebrated, highly scrutinized athlete from a different … Continue reading

Lebron James’ Disappearing Act a Mystery to NBA Fans (Satire)

(Satire) His image appears everywhere – gracing covers of magazines, touting sports drinks in television commercials and dominating basketball coverage on the web. However, his likeness is now surfacing in the least likely of places. Who would have predicted that … Continue reading

OKC’s Kevin Durant May Be Ringless, But He’s Aready Wedded to NBA Fans.

Oh so young, yet ever so gifted. A warm smile instead of an icy stare. A smaller market player with emerging global appeal. Liked and respected widely; not demonized and disrespected selectively. Seems genuinely humble, dominating games played by prideful … Continue reading

Recent Off-Field Sports Talk Eclipses On-Field Sports News

Of late, the off-field sports news originating from well known athletes has spoken far more loudly than their actual on-field exploits. Instead of great plays by great athletes capturing ESPN Sports Center highlights, chippy chatter, crazy conspiracy theories, inane attempts … Continue reading

Boston’s Big Ticket Won’t Guarantee Celtics Entry Into NBA Eastern Conference Final

Haggard and worn, the Boston Celtics’ Big Ticket won’t guarantee the team’s anticipated entry into the next round of the NBA playoffs. During last night’s 98-90 OT loss in Game 4 of the NBA Eastern Conference Semi-Finals, the Celtics’ Big … Continue reading

Lackluster LA Lakers Exit on Low Road from NBA Playoffs

The defending NBA Champion Los Angeles Lakers exited this year’s Western Conference Semi-Finals on perhaps the organization’s lowest road. Arguably the league’s most celebrated franchise for the past 25 years, the Lakers succumbed yesterday to the surging Dallas Mavericks 122 … Continue reading

New Nicknames for Miami Heat’s Lebron James, Dwyane Wade & Chris Bosh

The Miami Heat‘s Lebron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh need to quit…while they’re still waaaaaaay behind…that is in NBA fan popularity contests held outside South Florida. Lebron James dubbed the three NBA superstars “the Heatles” after the legendary music group … Continue reading