Los Angeles Clippers: Biggest Cry Babies in NBA

For the past few years, Houston Rockets star Dwight Howard has topped my personal list as the NBA’s most irritating cry baby. However, Howard’s disreputable distinction now has a new title owner. In today’s Two Cent Tuesday blog, allow me … Continue reading

ESPN Sports Center Da Da Da! Da Da Da!

Every sports fan recognizes this siren song to ESPN’s flagship show. That’s right! It’s the clarion call, or ice cream truck music, for sports fans to tune into ESPN Sports Center. This instantly recognizable six note melody is intoxicating. It’s … Continue reading

2 Cent Tuesday Sports Blog: Former New York Yankees Yogi Berra

Today’s 2 Cent Tuesday sports blog features a famously funny expression from this former New York Yankees great. “A nickel ain’t worth a dime anymore.” ~ Yogi Berra Inducted into Cooperstown in 1972, Yogi Berra may be the game’s greatest … Continue reading

Twitter in Sports: New iTunes & Stitcher Radio Podcast

Before the metaphorical twit hits the fan, let me publicly confess that I’ve got some major issues with Twitter. That’s why the topic of Twitter in sports gets a podcast of its own. Click on yellow cover above to listen … Continue reading

FREE Sports Comic Book: Philadelphia Sports Icons

My newest FREE sports comic book chronicles the stories of iconic figures in Philadelphia sports history. In addition to its predecessors – Boston Sports Icons and New York Sports Icons – Philadelphia Sports Icons is third in a series of … Continue reading

2 Cent Tuesday Sports Blog: Dick Vitale’s “Diaper Dandies” No More!

Dick Vitale’s “Diaper Dandies” are no more! That’s right. With more than 35 NCAA basketball games now under their belts, Vitale’s “Diaper Dandies” have grown quickly out of the toddler stage and have now become full fledged men! As we … Continue reading

Deadly Sports Language: New iTunes Sports Podcast

The deadly language of sports is absolutely lethal. It’s rich with dire references. It overflows with clichés crying out for imminent death. And, it serves as inspiration for today’s sports podcast on iTunes. Click above to listen to the podcast. … Continue reading

MIKE on Sports Podcast: The Zamboni Driver

Driving this clunky ice resurfacing vehicle would satisfy nearly every hockey fan’s fantasy. Hoards of hockey fans have yearned to climb behind the wheel of this tractor and take charge of the ice. The baddest maintenance vehicle in sports with … Continue reading

MIKE on Sports Podcast Now on iTunes

My new MIKE on Sports! podcast is now available on iTunes. The MIKE on Sports! podcast is for every American sports fan who loves to laugh or learn something new about sports. Check out the podcast for clever quips and … Continue reading

WNBA’s Sue Bird: New State Farm Born to Assist Star

The Stockton, Paul, Lillard and Curry twins need to make room for another pair of assist makers in the State Farm Born to Assist ads. Sue Bird and her fictional twin sister, Summer, step into the scenes of the new … Continue reading