2 Cent Tuesday: NBA Finals, Draymond Green, Bill Simmons & More

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Rotten in Big Apple: NBA Nets and Knicks

The anticipated abundant harvest hasn’t happened this NBA season for the Big Apple’s New York Knicks and Brooklyn Nets basketball teams. And, it’s very unlikely it will.

Expected to finish near the top of the tree in the NBA Eastern Conference standings, both Gotham squads have been nearly gobbled up to their core so far this season.

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Brooklyn Nets Hire Recently Retired NBA Star Jason Kidd as Head Coach

This week the Brooklyn Nets formally introduced Jason Kidd as the 18th head coach in this NBA franchise’s history.

The surprising announcement of hiring the recently retired New York Knick not only spurned convention among NBA insiders, but it should also spawn animated reaction outside NBA circles.

Kidd should become a first ballot NBA Hall of Fame inductee following an accomplished 19-year NBA career. He retired third in league history with 109 triple doubles and enviable individual averages in points, rebounds and assists as one of the game’s best overall point guards.

However, Kidd brings no coaching experience at any level to the Nets job.

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