MIKE Sports Comic Book: Favorite Sports Nicknames 3rd Edition

I’m absolutely crazy about clever nicknames! That’s why I penned Favorite Sports Nicknames. Who isn’t? You see, I grew up with Tiny – ironically the biggest kid in class. I played sports with Frankie “K” – short for his Polish … Continue reading

NBA Atlanta Hawks Unveil New Dominique Wilkins Statue

Dominique Wilkins earned his Human Highlight Reel nickname for his non-stop, jaw-dropping highlights on the hardwood, or better yet, from ten plus feet above the hardwood. The former Atlanta Hawks star regularly rose above his NBA peers as that one … Continue reading

New MIKE Sports Comic Book: Favorite Flyers in Sports!

My new sports comic book Favorite Flyers in Sports features ten assorted sports icons with unique airborne pedigrees.

Known for their ability to take flight during games, these famous flyers breathe rarefied air.

They’ve not only elevated over fans, but have also soared passed all would-be competitors on the hardwood, gridiron, track and asphalt.

Of the ten is pictured in the comic above. This choice is a gravity defying team that changed NCAA college basketball in the early 1980s as a fictional, but fabulous dunking fraternity.

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NBA Slam Dunk Contest: Remembering the Human Highlight Reel

But, without question, high-flying Hall of Famer Dominique Wilkins is best remembered as the greatest overall dunker that the sport of basketball has ever produced.

Wilkins’ flushes, punches, alley-oop finishes, punctuating put backs and his patented windmills were so prolific, NBA fans embraced him by his creative nickname – the Human Highlight Reel.

Former Atlanta Hawks star Dominique Wilkins earned his nickname for the non-stop, jaw-dropping highlights he provided on the hardwood, or better yet, from ten plus feet above the hardwood!

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NBA Player Nicknames on Jerseys: Not a BIG Deal

As a basketball purist, I’m not thrilled by the NBA’s recent promotional campaign to add player nicknames to the back of their uniforms for specific games.

For a professional league that has always marketed in a BIG way, last night’s cheeky commercialism was small minded.

The NBA has always fostered a team game reliant on the collective efforts of brilliant individual performers.

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