New MIKE Sports Comic Book: Favorite Flyers in Sports!

My new sports comic book Favorite Flyers in Sports features ten assorted sports icons with unique airborne pedigrees.

Known for their ability to take flight during games, these famous flyers breathe rarefied air.

They’ve not only elevated over fans, but have also soared passed all would-be competitors on the hardwood, gridiron, track and asphalt.

Of the ten is pictured in the comic above. This choice is a gravity defying team that changed NCAA college basketball in the early 1980s as a fictional, but fabulous dunking fraternity.

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FREE NBA Comic Book: Herman The Helicopter Knowings

He hung higher in flight than Michael Jordan ever did and leapt loftier and lingered longer than LeBron James ever could. Herman Helicopter Knowings literally hovered above all other players he faced on a basketball court.

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