Friday the 13th Sports Funny: Sudden Death Overtime

Today’s Friday the 13th Sports Funny – Sudden Death Overtime – should prod revelers to get into the spirit of this month’s Halloween celebration. The ominous sounding sports expression – Sudden Death Overtime – is that designated period of time … Continue reading

Friday Sports Funny: NFL Coffin Corner Perfect Comic for Halloween

Today’s Friday Sports Funny – Coffin Corner – is the perfect NFL comic for this coming Halloween Weekend. Wedged between the end zone pylon and the 5 yard line of any football field sits a small area of turf. It’s … Continue reading

Another “Scary” October Sports Blog: The Undertaker

In anticipation of Halloween later this month, several of my October blogs will focus on the spooky, scary and deadly stuff in sports. Today’s blog features The Undertaker, Mark William Calaway, one of wrestling’s biggest stars ever. When it comes … Continue reading

MIKE Releases New Scary Sports Comic Book for Halloween

Scary Sports Comics both highlights and lampoons the eerie expressions, creepy nicknames, ghostly references, frightening athletes, intimidating teams and unnerving clichés that comprise our unintentionally scary sports vocabulary.

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