#TBT Sports Blog: William The Refrigerator Perry

Today’s #TBT sports blog recalls mammoth former Chicago Bears DT William The Refrigerator Perry by sharing this exerpt from my sports comic book – Favorite Big Things in Sports. Here ya go….. “Even when I was little, I was big.” … Continue reading

MIKE Debuts New Book: Favorite Big Things in Sports!

My new sports comic book Favorite Big Things in Sports just released on Amazon. It showcases seven super-sized athletes and three extra-large, non-athletic surprises. And, all of my choices are big!

That’s because all of my choices needed to be big, real big, to qualify for this book.

All are instantly recognizable because of the impact that they’ve wielded in sports. Yes, even the non-athletic ones.

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NBA TV Doc “Wilt 100” on Wilt Chamberlain

While enjoying a restful Labor Day Weekend flipping channels from the comfort of my couch, I stumbled upon the terrific March 2012 NBA TV doc Wilt 100 about the late Wilt Chamberlain.

Immediately, the diehard basketball fan in me became restless on a weekend devoted to rest. I thought it sacrilegious that I had never watched the tale until today.

Therefore, I dedicated the remainder of the early afternoon captivated by a film that chronicled Wilt Chamberlain’s historic night in Hershey, PA when he set the NBA scoring record by totaling an incredible 100 points.

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