FREE Book: College Basketball Comics

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#TBT Sports Blog: University of Michigan’s Fab 5

Today’s #TBT Fab 5 sports blog recalls one of the best freshmen classes in the history of NCAA college basketball. Their Fab 5 nickname sounded more like the popular Beatles band from the 1960s. Instead, the catchy moniker heralded the … Continue reading

NCAA March Madness: University of Michigan’s Fab 5

What seems like a reference to the popular 1960s Beatles band is actually a nickname for the most important recruiting class in the history of college basketball.

The University of Michigan’s legendary Fab 5 recruiting class had four of the top ten 1991 NCAA basketball recruits. Members of the Fab 5 all become future NBA players. The precocious quintet advanced to the NCAA Championship finals in their first two years.

The Fab 5 succeeded on the court at the University of Michigan, but the players left an even bigger mark off the court.

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