Ronaldo Helps Portugal Tie USA at World Cup

Held in check for 94 minutes and 30 seconds of the USA versus Portugal World Cup match in Manaus, Brazil last night, Cristiano Ronaldo’s “magic feet” never found the back of the net nor provided the brilliance that every fan expected from the world class striker.

However, with only 30 seconds remaining in stoppage time, only one of the 2013 Ballon d’ Or trophy winner’s “magic feet” was required to brilliantly cross the ball into the box to find teammate Valera for a diving header past US goalie Tim Howard.

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All-Time FIFA Favorites Comic Book: Available on Amazon

While soccer fans across the globe focusing on the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, this sports comic book on my all-time FIFA Favorites should pique their interest.
My soccer selections include five former footballers, four current stars and probably the most passionately debated play in the history of the World Cup.

All ten selections positively impacted international football. Even the diminutive, chubby Argentine striker responsible for the most famous botched call of World Cup play gets a spot in FIFA Favorites.

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Michigan’s Big House to Host Manchester United vs. Real Madrid Soccer Game

No one was surprised to learn that within a 24 hour time span an important football game sold out at the University of Michigan’s iconic Big House 100,000+ seat stadium.

However, what did surprise, better yet shock, sports fans is that the sell-out for the August 2, 2014 game did not pit legendary rivals the University of Michigan Wolverines versus the Ohio State Buckeyes in NCAA football action.

Instead, the marquee match-up will feature the two top international football (soccer) teams in the world: Manchester United and Real Madrid. These squads will face each other ironically on the Big House’s gridiron turf turned into a soccer pitch.

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Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo Wins Second FIFA Ballon d’Or

Yesterday, the brilliant Real Madrid striker known for his Magic Feet enjoyed another magical moment in his storied career.

Cristiano Ronaldo won his second Ballon d’Or Trophy as the best FIFA player in the world for his incredible 2013 individual accomplishments on the soccer pitch.

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MIKE’s 2nd Release of FREE Soccer Comic Book

Incredible athletes, iconic coaches and passionate fans cause both the wealthiest and poorest nations of the world to bask in the brilliance of the Beautiful Game.

In this FREE soccer book, you won’t need to fear the sport’s most frightening characters, aptly nicknamed Scarface and The Cannibal.

You’ll enjoy reading about the cleverly named and highly entertaining British soccer players Spice Boy and Calamity James.

You’ll even discover there really was a Fifth Beatle.

You’ll look up to the goal scoring exploits of taller, long-necked stars The Giraffe and Two Meter Peter.

You’ll relish in the allure of the Beautiful Game, the cleanliness of a goalie’s extra-tidy clean sheet and the “joie de vie” that a Frenchman named Va Va Voom exudes.

References to monarchs, leaders and twentieth century politics are captured by this sport. Expect to meet a Kaiser, a Child of the King and come face to face with soccer’s impenetrable Berlin Wall.

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MIKE’s FIFA Soccer Favorites Sports Comic Book Now Available on Amazon!

    In FIFA Favorites, I share my 10 all-time international football (soccer) selections. They include five former players, four current stars and probably the most passionately debated play in the history of the World Cup. Order MIKE’s FIFA Favorites on Amazon. … Continue reading

Euro 2012: Lofty Expectations Weigh Down Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo

The frightening speed, dazzling footwork and fabulous overall soccer skill of Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo earned him the nickname Magic Feet. However, the magical football boots of the Portuguese National Team captain have yet to show any stardust at Euro 2012 … Continue reading