Friday Sports Funny: These Guys Own the Paint

Today’s Friday Sports Funny brings to life the oft overused sports cliche “these guys own the paint!” When a basketball announcer reports that guys own the paint, you know exactly what he means. Your mind immediately conjures up images very … Continue reading

#TBT Sports Blog: Remembering Pistol Pete Maravich

March Madness ranks as the highlight of the season for every college basketball player.

However, not every great basketball player has participated in this incredible annual event.

NBA superstars like Kobe Bryant and LeBron James chose to skip college and jump right into the NBA after high school.

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Tonight’s NCAA National Championship Game: There’s No Tomorrow

This comic may be overly dramatic, but it proves a point.

In the case of this year’s NCAA basketball tournament, there’s no tomorrow for either the Kentucky Wildcats or the UConn Huskies.

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NCAA March Madness: Basketball Bracketology

Their pencils are poised.

Their erasers are ready.

And, their theories thought out.

Following last night’s selections, their brackets are filling out. They’ll be compared with those of friends, co-workers, loved ones and total strangers on the internet.

March Madness has descended upon a college basketball crazed America.

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NCAA March Madness: Kentucky & Uconn To Play For All the Marbles

These days, people don’t think about playing marbles.

Yet many years ago, playing marbles was popular. Despite the game’s disappearance, every serious athlete still knows what it means to play for all the marbles.

And, especially if you’re a member of the Kentucky Wildcats or Uconn Huskies playing for all the marbles, metaphorically speaking, is all you’ll be thinking about until until 9:10pm on Monday night April 7th!

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NCAA March Madness: Remembering Never Nervous Pervis Ellison

On the eve of this year’s NCAA Final Four, here’s a March Madness memory about a very precocious teenager who would become the hero of the championship game.

This piano, tuba and trombone-playing freshman probably gave his best performance ever, not with a musical instrument, but rather with a basketball in his hand.

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NCAA March Madness: Remembering Houston’s Phi Slamma Jamma

Let’s take a look down March Madness memory lane at arguably the greatest team to never win an NCAA title. This fabulous squad electrified NCAA college basketball fans in the early 1980s. NBA Hall of Famers Hakeem Olajuwon and Clyde … Continue reading

NCAA March Madness: Playing at a High Level

The NCAA tournament field has now narrowed to only four teams.

However, all of the teams selected to participate in the Big Dance were extremely talented and earned their spots in the tournament.

Nationally ranked teams as well as conference champions and contenders once again comprised the NCAA tournament’s carefully seeded brackets.

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NCAA March Madness: Lid on Basket

Some basketball fans argue that saying there’s a lid on the basket is another tiresome, overused sports cliché that fails to report the obvious.

I agree. Announcers need to call bad shooting, well, bad shooting!

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NCAA March Madness: Taking the Charge

The comical scene pictured above doesn’t just happen during March Madness games.

In NBA, NCAA and even high school basketball games, taking the charge requires plenty of courage.

It requires standing in the way of taller, more athletic players as they barrel ahead.

Taking the charge at a critical time in the game can be a terrific momentum changer.

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