A LeBron James Post NBA Finals Rest Is Warranted – For Sports Fans!

An eagerly anticipated LeBron James post NBA Finals rest is warranted – for sports fans!

Sure, the four-time NBA MVP and two-time NBA champion is more than likely exhausted from advancing with the Miami Heat once again to the NBA Finals.

But, just think how fatigued fans have become. We can’t pick up a newspaper, turn on a television, look at our phone or log onto the internet without being bombarded by news about LeBron James.

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Cleveland Cavs’ LeBron James Says “I Stink!”

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LeBron James: Did NBA King Leave His Talents in Miami?

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NBA’s Lebron James Should Don #64 for Cleveland Cavaliers

This week NBA superstar Lebron James shrewdly enlisted sports fans on social media by asking for help in selecting his new Cleveland Cavaliers jersey number.

James engaged fans on both Twitter and Instagram by posing the question whether he should don the #23 he wore during his seven previous years in Cleveland or the more popular selling #6 jersey he sported as a member of the Miami Heat and USA Basketball.

A brilliant self-promoter, James received overwhelmingly positive feedback from fans regarding his new Cleveland Cavaliers jersey choice.

Though sports fans’ replies were all across the board, my two polar opposite suggestions were quite simple.

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