#TBT Sports Blog: Chicago Cubs’ Ernie Banks

Today’s #TBT sport blogs remembers Ernie Banks, the greatest player in Chicago Cubs history. To Banks, the Friendly Confines of Wrigley Field served as home for 19 Major League Baseball seasons. Affectionately known as Mr. Cub, the soft spoken Ernie … Continue reading

#TBT Sports Blog: Chicago Cubs Fan Steve Bartman

Today’s #TBT sports blog painfully recalls the Windy City’s most infamous sports personality – who just happens to be a baseball fan. On October 14, 2003, a lifelong Chicago Cubs fan named Steve Bartman unwittingly found himself in the national … Continue reading

#TBT Sports Blog: Chicago Cubs’ Mordecai Three Finger Brown

Today’s #TBT sports blog recalls Mordecai “Three Finger” Brown of the Chicago Cubs. He’s one of the greatest pitchers in Major League Baseball history. In the book Three Finger:The Mordecai Brown Story, Hall of Fame Chicago Cubs pitcher Ferguson Jenkins … Continue reading

#TBT Sports Blog: The Emancipation of the Chicago Cubs Monkey

Today’s #TBT sports blog celebrates the emancipation of the Chicago Cubs monkey. That’s right. I’m acknowledging that annoying animal cleverly captured in the comic to the left. Every Thursday for the past 108 years he’s clung to the backs of … Continue reading

2 Cent Tuesday: Happy to See Wrigley Field in National Spotlight

Today’s 2 Cent Tuesday sports blog expresses how happy I am that the Chicago Cubs are finally playing a World Series game again at legendary Wrigley Field. The team’s hiatus from the Fall Classic had endured for far too long. … Continue reading

Friday Sports Funny: Monkey on Back of Chicago Cubs

Today’s Friday Sports Funny focuses on emancipating the monkey. That’s right. The comic in this blog tells the very simple story. Getting rid of a meddling monkey that has resided on the backs of Chicago Cubs players for more than … Continue reading

Monday Sports Monologue: Wrigley Field Ivy

Mention Wrigley Field and references to ivy will immediately follow.

Watching a game here will top every baseball fan’s bucket list.

The iconic venue ranks among the most legendary locations in all of sports.

Its cherished reputation softens fans’ frustrations over the losing ways of the franchise that plays there.

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NFL Week 1: Already “Wait Til Next Year” for Some Fans

NFL Week 1 officially kicked off this weekend, and for some football fans like me, it’s already time to start singing “wait til next year.”

That’s because like last year and the year before and even the year before that, I foolishly fell into the same trap.

As a “famished” NFL fan, I’m desperately hungry to root for a winner.

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#TBT Sports Blog: 1906 Chicago Cubs Hitless Wonders

Today’s Throw Back Thursday sports blog will transport you back in time more than 100 years.

In a sport where a team’s batting average normally dictates its success, the 1906 Chicago White Sox’s improbable World Series Championship stands today as a statistical oddity.

With only seven team home runs and a woeful .230 team batting average during the regular season, the Chicago White Sox became known as the Hitless Wonders in the Chicago media.

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Chicago Cubs’ Wrigley Field Celebrates 100 Year Anniversary Today

Watching a game here tops every baseball fan’s bucket list.

It ranks among the most legendary locations in all of sports.

Its cherished reputation softens fans’ frustrations over the historically losing ways of the franchise that plays there.

The city of Chicago as well as the entire sports world toasts Wrigley Field today to celebrate the baseball landmark’s 100 year anniversary.

Mentioned in the same breath as Fenway Park and Yankee Stadium, Wrigley Field is a must visit for every baseball fan in America.

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