2 Cent Tuesday: NBA Finals, Draymond Green, Bill Simmons & More

Today’s 2 Cent Tuesday sports blog once again recaps my observations on the top trending sports news like the NBA Finals, Draymond Green, Bill Simmons and more. NBA Finals Game 6 – Happy to see that a legitimate championship series … Continue reading

Finger Pointing & Tongue Wagging Dominating Sports News

Taunting, finger pointing and tongue wagging have been dominating sports headlines lately. Instead of focusing on their specific jobs, some well known sports personalities have directed their energy in non-productive ways. When they should be comporting themselves as respected sports … Continue reading

Bad Behavior Making NBA a Soap Opera of Sorts

The casts of daytime television’s longest running soap operas All My Children, Days of our Lives and As the World Turns are beaming with pride.

The shallowness, pettiness and hubris portrayed in these paradigms of acting mediocrity are flourishing as front page fodder for sports media outlets covering the NBA.

Hardwood histrionics, melodramatic millionaires and easily shattered egomaniacs have transformed the NBA into a menagerie of a sports world soap opera.

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