Super Bowl XLIX Winner: Patriots or Seahawks?

The Vince Lombardi NFL Super Bowl Trophy

Predicting the Super Bowl XLIX winner is anybody’s guess.

Las Vegas odds makers have made the New England Patriots a slim one point favorite over reigning NFL champs the Seattle Seahawks.

Both teams are now 14 – 4 for the season, and either surging squad can victoriously walk out of University of Phoenix Stadium with the Lombardi Trophy in hand.

Unfortunately, my favorite NFL team, the Philadelphia Eagles, failed to qualify for the post season, so I feel no allegiance or harbor no animosity toward the Pats or Hawks.

My bottom line is that I just want to watch an exciting game and do not really care which team wins.

However, if compelled to pick a winner, I want to witness excellence and good sportsmanship avail and unnecessary arrogance defeated.

That’s right, arrogance needs to go down, haughtiness needs to be humbled, smug trash talk smashed and hubris humiliated.

My desire is to see a good game played by great athletes giving their best while all players, coaches and owners keep their mouths shut, refrain from talking smack and play within the rules set forth.

I’m tired of Deflate Gate and the New England Patriots’ holier than thou dismissal of a potential egregious rules violation. A dozen NFL footballs “mysteriously” got deflated in a Gillette Stadium restroom, and it wasn’t the toilet paper dispenser that let out the air. My gut tells me that eventually New England owner Robert Kraft won’t be getting the apology he earnestly expects.

I’m sickened by Patriots’ star QB Tom Brady expressing complete ignorance about Deflate Gate and actually thinking football fans outside of New England would believe his feigned naievete.

I’m alarmed that safety Brandon Browner would suggest that his current Patriots teammates should target his former Seattle injured teammates Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas.

I’m perplexed why stellar Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch would continually flaunt with possible NFL suspension or fines by his selfish, near defiant lack of respect for NFL rules.

I’m annoyed that Seahawks DE Michael Bennett and CB Richard Sherman would ignorantly rant that the “NCAA is one of the biggest scams in America” after receiving afree college education, room and board and the privilege of playing Division 1 athletics at Texas A&M and Stanford respectively.

I’m aggravated that mouthy Seattle WR Doug Baldwin acts and speaks like the chip on his shoulder is as large as the state of Washington’s Mount Ranier. Just play the game young fella and determine a way not to find yourself stranded on Revis Island.

And, I’m most flummoxed that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell hasn’t emerged as the stronger leader he needs to be as evidenced by his pretentious response to CNN reporter Rachel Nichols’ fair question during this week’s press conference.

The blustering talk of bloviating athletes has prevailed these past two weeks leading up to Super Bowl XLIX.

That’s why I don’t care if either the New England Patriots or the Seattle Seahawks win.

I just want to see arrogance defeated.

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