Stoppage Time in Soccer at 2014 World Cup

MIKE Comic 144 Stoppage TimeStoppage Time in soccer is one of the real mysteries of life!

Intrigued, but uninformed new American soccer fans watching the 2014 World Cup action in Brazil must be scratching their heads when they hear sportscasters announcing stoppage time near the end of a half or game. They must be thinking…

Exactly why is it called Stoppage Time when the game clock continues to run at the end of the half or in the overtime period – backwards – I might add?

Or, wait. Let’s just say the game clock continues to run in the exact opposite direction of every other clock in every other sport in the world.

It’s so confusing that they’re certain to get a migraine headache just thinking about it. Go figure!

Plus, what’s the top secret formula to actually calculate Stoppage Time? Do you need an abacus or an advanced math degree?

While watching the 2014 World Cup games, I’ve surmised that games boil down to a ref arbitrarily using some arcane formula to determine a few extra minutes of action at the end of a game.

At the same time all the radio and television announcers covering the game speculate just how much additional time the tightly wound referee will be announcing as Stoppage Time.

Also, hushed fans in the stands sit nervously as if they’re waiting for the little puff of smoke to arise from the Vatican window.

The one thing that needs to be stopped during Stoppage Time is the ridiculous Stoppage Time process itself.

You don’t see refs arbitrarily adding a few more minutes at the end of an NFL or NBA game. Plus, you’d never witness an umpire tack on another two innings in an MLB game just for kicks.

The subject of stoppage time rankled me so much that I included it in one of my FREE sports comic books.

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