Seattle Seahawks’ Richard Sherman Trash Talk Sparks NFL Controversy


MIKE Comic 102 Trash TalkYesterday, Seattle Seahawks’ NFL star defensive player Richard Sherman ignited a maelstrom of debate following his post playoff game comments.

The ever talkative, supremely confident All-Pro cornerback barked boldly that he was the best player in the league when FOX sportscaster Erin Andrews interviewed him moments after the game’s final whistle.

The bumptious defensive back also called San Francisco 49ers stellar wide out Michael Crabtree “sorry” after the swaggering Seahawk made a game saving play on the 49ers receiver in the waning moments of yesterday’s NFC Championship Game.

In addition, the cocky cornerback was penalized for taunting Crabtree and his 49ers teammates after his heroic play. Sherman immaturely directed an unnecessary unsportsmanlike choke sign at the 49ers.

Sadly, Sherman’s defensive brilliance that enabled his team to advance to Super Bowl XLVIII on February 2nd in New Jersey will be overshadowed by his crazed, egotistical and totally classless comments that few fans will soon forget.

The smart, affable communications major from Stanford University will be maligned, and rightfully so, for his unwise, irritating diatribe wreaking of unprofessionalism that he displayed after yesterday’s hard fought contest between two bruising NFL teams.

I’m all for Trash Talk when it’s clean, inventive and non-malicious.

But, Sherman’s angry taunts took Trash Talk too far and too low.

Sure, his remarks were colorful, but, more importantly they were classless.

Certainly, his chirpings were provocative, but they chafed and were far too antagonistic.

Without question his words were bold, but his behavior was unacceptably boorish.

And yes, his demeanor was crude in a cool kind of way in that he didn’t read from a normally expected post game script. But, his childish act was way out of line and totally unprofessional.

Unfortunately, impressionable youth everywhere were watching his reckless ranting.

I love smash mouth football played by smack talking players who know when to let it stop.

Yet, I deplore jibber-jabbering jerks who refuse to acknowledge the great teams and terrific players they just bested on the field.

Even though these two purposed players jawed at each other the entire game, I especially despised Sherman’s treatment of Michael Crabtree after the game.

The 49ers receiver didn’t deserve Sherman’s dis-respect. A former top ten pick, the courageous Crabtree prematurely returned from a torn achilles injury in September to enjoy the best season of his fledgling career. He’s worked his way into becoming one of the top receivers in the NFL that even Sherman’s teammate Earl Thomas acknowledged.

There was no place for Sherman to mock or malign Crabtree the way he did on national television.

Absolutely, tough athletes play hard and talk just as tough.

My favorite tough talking athletes are legends Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali, Joe Namath, and Babe Ruth.

These iconic athletes used their own smattering of smack to gain a psychological edge over opponents. Their brash babble gave them an athletic advantage over rivals and added to their lore as tough, confident competitors.

Because these Hall of Famers backed up their bark, I’ve included them in the general category of Trash Talk in one of my FREE sports comic books Best About Sports.

Richard Sherman should study the likes of loud mouthed legends like Jordan, Ali, Namath and Ruth. Arguably, they were the best in the game at that time in their respective sports.

Only time will tell if Sherman’s self-aggrandizing behavior supports his audacious claim that he’s the best in the NFL right now.

It’ll be interesting to witness what impact Sherman’s bloviating bears out in Super Bowl XLVIII. He’ll be facing arguably the NFL’s hottest QB ever in Peyton Manning and perhaps the current best player in the NFL game at this time.

Because of his careless comments, Sherman probably won’t find too many NFL fans in his corner. His wayward words may find Seattle’s brazen defensive back truly backed into an undefended corner on the football field that he was supposed to protect.

If that happens, NFL fans outside of Seattle will be quick to remind Sherman who’s the “sorry” one then.

MIKE – thee ultimate talking head in sports!

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