Seattle Seahawks Costly Super Bowl XLIX Miscue Will Sully Legacy

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The Seattle Seahawks’ one costly miscue in last night’s Super Bowl XLIX game will sully the team’s legacy for the foreseeable future.

The inexplicable play led to the Legion of Boom initiating an unnecessary brawl and to the complete unraveling of the team’s disciplined, vaunted defense.

An ill-advised play call from the one-yard line while only 20 seconds away from winning a back-to-back Super Bowl championship, Seattle Coach Pete Carroll opted to throw the football instead of handing it off to arguably the best running back in the NFL Marshawn Lynch.

Though Seahawks’ WR Ricardo Lockette appeared to be open as the pass play unfolded, free agent CB Malcolm Butler made a brilliant break on the ball and intercepted Russell Wilson’s goal line pass.

What happened next triggered a series of inexcusable actions and words from Seattle players that will certainly sully NFL fans’ perception of an already brash Seattle Seahawks’ organization overflowing with cockiness.

Fans and pundits alike have already called out the Seahawks players as classless, poor sports and undisciplined for how they allowed the game to end as well as what they said after the final whistle.

All negative remarks aimed at the team are appropriate given the way the Seahawks imploded shortly after 1 billion NBC Sports viewers witnessed them give away Super Bowl XLIX. A demoralized Patriots defense, who had squandered another brilliant Tom Brady 4th quarter comeback, found their heels dug helplessly on the goal line until the Butler pick which will never be forgotten in New England football lore.

Following the Butler interception, the Pats sought to “take a knee” and run out the clock. However, some Legion of Boom defenders could not control their emotions and went bonkers. Many started pushing, shoving and even punching Patriots players.

Seahawks LB Bruce Irvin was ejected for throwing a punch and DL Michael Bennett was tossed and pinned by New England TE Rob Gronkowski for his involvement in inciting the brawl.

Ironically, Irvin continued to pop off in the locker room by voicing his displeasure at the coaching decision to throw the ball at the 1 yard line.

After both teams were separated and the final whistle blew, many Seahawks continued echoing their frustration at their own coaching staff. While heading into the tunnel to the locker room, they lashed out at Head Coach Pete Carroll and Offensive Coordinator Darrell Bovell for the dubious play call that led to Wilson’s interception. NFL reporters Melissa Stark and Mike Freeman immediately shared the regrettable Seahawks comments on Twitter.

For a reigning Super Bowl champion who seems to always play with a chip on its shoulder while demanding respect from the rest of the league, their behavior last night was deplorable.

To criticize your coaching staff after starting a scrum when the final outcome of the game has already been decided was despicable. Sadly, the immature Seattle griping gave credence to many NFL fans who viewed the Seahawks as an arrogant, dirty and undisciplined squad.

Sure, the Seattle team is tenacious and skilled, but they’ll be remembered for the foreseeable future as the reigning Super Bowl XLVIII champion that, with one costly miscue, incredulously gave the XLIX title away title to the New England.

They’ll also be rightfully excoriated for the shameless actions of a few of their teammates who kicked and moaned and pouted their way off the Super Bowl field.

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