Samsung Galaxy S: Where’s the App for LeBron James’ Leg Cramps?

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LeBron James sending out tweet about post game plans.

The popular new LeBron James Galaxy S App offers a cornucopia of features.

The App updates basketball fans on the four-time MVP’s latest NBA accomplishments as well as his post-game plans.

It also offers dietary and conditioning tips on how the 6’8” and 250 lb. super-athlete stays so physically fit.

And, the App shares fun-filled photos of James with his family.

On Thursday night, however, the new do-everything LeBron James Galaxy S App revealed its first flaw. It failed to prevent leg cramps.

Who’d a thunk?

Yes, in the fourth quarter of Game 1 in the 2014 NBA Finals, pro basketball’s mighty King fell victim to a commoner’s leg cramps.

The seemingly invincible James was unable to finish the game due to a lack of electrolytes in his system, and the San Antonio Spurs went on to decisively defeat his Miami Heat.

To his credit, James never blamed the failed AT&T Arena’s air conditioning system for his woes. Nor he did bemoan the fact that cramps have periodically plagued him during his unparalleled career.

But, during an interview with ESPN’s Michael Wilbon, James did admit, “I know that I’m the easiest target we have in sports.”

Spot on, LeBron, and I doubt if anyone, even Miami Heat fans, would disagree.

As expected, some fans quickly lined up to lambast LeBron for being the only player in the arena to suffer from cramps in the 97 degree heat. They’ve been secretly eyeing James for years, just waiting for him to stumble or be carried off the court like he was two nights ago.

That’s because James has willingly embraced all the media attention he’s either received or made for himself over the past 10 years.

Anyone who welcomes fans to refer to him as King, and relishes in the appellation, should recognize he’s an easy target for public ridicule.

The very one who famously bumbled his free agency on ESPN a few years back by claiming to take his talents to South Beach, should expect that some fans have never forgotten his charade.

And, anyone who’s becoming overexposed as the billion dollar brand his handlers expect him to be should also know that fickle sports fans have been secretly searching for the King’s kryptonite.

Well, they finally found it when watching LeBron inexplicably lose a fourth quarter battle to something as simple as leg cramps.

Leg cramps.

Samsung, too bad you don’t have an App for that!

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