Ray Rice Story Opens Door for Domestic Abuse Dialogue

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Former NFL RB Ray Rice’s sickening assault continues to dominate headlines across sports and non-sports media platforms.

And rightfully so!

Even last night, CBS Sports’ James Brown delivered an impassioned Thursday Night Football pre-game speech that both gripped and educated a national television audience.

Brown’s prime time message forced viewers to focus on a topic that has caused far too many of us to not only wince, but also embarrassingly avoid discussing in a public setting.

Brown’s words were a clarion call signaling that it’s now time for the muffled cries of battered women and children to be heard.

His message served as further proof, that because of Rice’s inexcusable actions, the plight of domestic violence in our country must be addressed – strongly, wisely and without impunity.

For all of our nation’s apparent greatness, our society has sadly been exposed for failing to properly protect our women and children from the reprehensible actions of bigger, stronger, angry men.

SafeHorizon reports that as many as three million children witness domestic violence each year and that one in four women will be affected by it during their lifetimes. These statistics are frightening.

In spite of the apparent botched way the NFL has handled the Rice case, former FBI chief Robert Mueller’s new independent investigation will unearth the facts. And, as a result of its public bumbling in this matter, the NFL should emerge as the champion of change in this incredibly important societal issue.

In a hard hitting, spine altering, concussion conscious league, it was evident that Commissioner Roger Goodell originally went soft, very soft in dealing with Rice. He fumbled badly on an agonizing topic that begs for national dialogue.

However, there is good on its way, and it’s a long awaited silver lining powerfully peeking out of the very dark cloud. The unspoken, ugly issue of domestic violence is now seriously being discussed across all levels of society. Remedial action is on the horizon as is the safety of so many whose cries have gone unheard.

Like the league’s annual comprehensive campaign of building awareness about women’s breast cancer, expect the NFL to also mandate education and awareness for the scourge of domestic abuse.

And, going forward, may the sting of Ray Rice’s cowardly knock out punch be metaphorically felt by those who would lift their fists to inflict violence on women and children.

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