Pocket Hercules: One of my Favorite Undersized Athletes

Pocket Hercules weightlifter

Olympic weightlifting champ Naim Suleymanoglu

Naim Suleymanoglu, otherwise known as Pocket Hercules, ranks as one of my favorite all-time undersized athletes.

This Turkish Olympic weightlifting champion, along with nine other vertically challenged athletes, is featured in my sports comic book that allows me to refute a common misconception that “bigger is always better.”

It’s not always true – especially in sports. That’s why I wrote the book specifically touting my all-time favorite Undersized Athletes.

If we used the same logic that “bigger is always better,” then we’d want bigger headaches, bigger holes in our pockets and even bigger cases of jock rash.

Always a fan of the little guy, I can relate to shorter, smaller athletes. These mighty mites were probably overlooked as kids every time teams were picked on the asphalt, soccer pitch or football field.

Being spurned when you know you can play a sport well becomes a tremendous impetus to improve and play really big – in spite of your shorter stature.

As a little guy, I’ve personally been called a pipsqueak, a squirt and an ankle biter. But, I never allowed those names to squash my drive. They only propelled me.

My book about Undersized Athletes features a collection of stories chronicling my all-time 10 best little tikes whom others may have once overlooked because of their size.

MIKE's 10 Best Series Book 3 Favorite Undersized AthletesYou’ll admire the amazing strength of the pocket-sized Turkish weightlifter with Herculean strength known as Pocket Hercules.

And, you’ll marvel at the speed, quickness and basketball skills of the NBA’s shortest player ever – Tyrone Muggsy Bogues.

Former NBA star Tyrone Muggsy Bogues

Former Wake Forest guard Tyrone Muggsy Bogues

You’ll get a kick out of the “dwarfish” size soccer player’s magical skills and respect the brilliant career of an undrafted, undersized slot receiver who’s become a huge NFL star.

You’ll be awed by the dangerous acrobatic move of a barely five foot tall Russian gymnast and smile at the hitting mastery of Major League Baseball’s tiniest player ever.

Olympic Champion Olga Korbut

Russian Gymnast Olga Korbut

You’ll enjoy Heisman Trophy success stories of two outstanding, but undersized, college football players who stood only 5’9” tall.

Finally, you’ll applaud the sterling careers of two smallish athletes who’ve dominated their respective sports inside the ropes and outside on the soccer pitch.

The stories in my Undersized Athletes book confirm that you can never measure the heart, will or desire of the vertically challenged – because “bigger is NOT always better.”

Champions come in all sizes, shapes and colors and these Undersized Athletes prove they stand very tall in a class all their own – no matter what size they are.

MIKE – thee ultimate talking head on sports!

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