A Pitching Duel in Baseball

MRO 78 Pitchers duelWebster’s Dictionary defines a duel as “prearranged combat between two willing participants with weapons according to an accepted code of conduct.”

A “pitching duel” in baseball is no different, and it’s perfectly brought to life in the sports comic featured above.

Allow me some license to explain Webster’s definition for this particular baseball scenario.

A pitcher’s duel is “prearranged combat” during a hotly contested Major League Baseball game.

The duel is usually conducted between “two willing and armed participants” or all-star hurlers with $100M long term contracts who  brandish fastballs, curves and sliders as their weapons of choice.

Finally, the “duel” plays out according to the “accepted code of conduct” known as the Major League Baseball rule book.

A pitcher’s duel in baseball is best evidenced when Justin Verlander of the Detroit Tigers squares off against CC Sabathia of the New York Yankees.

Furthermore, it’s witnessed when both talented aces hold the opposing team scoreless for nine innings.

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