Friday Sports Funny: Baseball’s Pinch Hitter

MRO 79 Pinch hitterToday’s Friday Sports Funny that lampoons baseball’s pinch hitter pretty much nails it!

Talk about poor communication between the catcher and his coach.

The smiling, eager catcher in this comic believes he’s actually following his coach’s direction. He’s literally pinching the batter.

However, he’s wrong, and his coach is trying to correct him.

Obviously, the batter is a pinch hitter, or a substitute hitter, called on to provide a key hit during a critical time of the baseball game.

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MIKE FREE Sports Comic BooksOn a 26 man Major League Baseball team roster, there’s always one guy the team’s manager can direct to the batter’s box when some offensive firepower is warranted.

And, he’s the pinch hitter!

That person always needs to be ready to produce some late game heroics even after he’s been sitting at the end of his team’s bench for the past two or three hours.

MLB’s Best Pinch Hitter: Lenny Harris

None in Major League Baseball history was better than journeyman infielder Lenny Harris. He’s the answer to the baseball trivia question concerning who’s the most successful pinch hitter of all-time.

Harris’ 217 career pinch hits is still a Major League Baseball record.

And, it doesn’t appear as if any current player will surpass his mark any time soon.

Now Harris was truly a guy his team could call when they were in a pinch!

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