October: Best Time of Year to be a Sports Fan

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October always ranks as the best time of the year to be a sports fan.

The breadth of exciting games across multiple sports on television doesn’t get any better at any other time of the year.

Summer is officially over and some sports fans find it impossible to break away from their televisions and venture outside.

Wise sports fans add new batteries to their remotes, stock up their refrigerators with necessary beverages and snacks and make certain that all essential household duties are complete before planting themselves comfortably before their big screens.

Temptations to consider alternative forms of entertainment are quickly dismissed. That’s because everything a serious sports fan needs is available in stunning HDTV clarity in the comfort of his living room or man cave.

Simply, October for sports spectators offers a cornucopia of non-stop entertainment, not to be replicated at any other time of the year.

Here are some examples:

After the Major League Baseball ALCS and NLCS champions are determined, baseball fans enjoy the highlight of their season- the World Series.

Even though the Fall Classic may top the sports network ratings charts, professional baseball isn’t the only game in town to watch on the tube.

By late October each year, NCAA basketball is getting started, while NCAA football nears fever pitch as few unbeatens remain, perennial powerhouses jockey for position in the polls and Heisman hopefuls display their mettle.

Plus, all five professional leagues can be ubiquitously found on television. That’s because MLS, MLB, NBA, NHL and NFL are either swinging into high gear or launching new seasons.

Major League Soccer action is at its peak. Contending teams vie for the last remaining playoff spots.

Nightly NBA and NHL preseason games tempt fans of what to expect in each league’s pending campaign. If hockey or hoops are in your blood, then viewing these preseason contests is obligatory.

And lastly, NFL games and news dominate headlines. From Sunday Night Football to Monday Night Football to Thursday Night Football to comprehensive Sunday coverage, NFL fans are inundated with highlights, injury updates as well as pregame and postgame analysis on ESPN, FOX Sports 1 and the NFL Network.

October may be the highlight of the year for those who love cooler temperatures, changing colors of leaves or trick or treating.

But, for fans, October is universally known as the best time of the year for the most comprehensive coverage of sports on television.

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