NFL Week 1: Already “Wait Til Next Year” for Some Fans

MIKE Vintage logoNFL Week 1 officially kicked off this weekend, and for some football fans like me, it’s already time to start singing “wait til next year.”

Because like last year and the year before and even the year before that, I foolishly fell into the same trap.

As a “famished” NFL fan, I’m desperately hungry to root for a winner.

My NFL diet of late has been “feasting” on a local perennial cellar dwellar whose woefully attended home games have regularly been blacked out in our home town television market.

Plus, this same franchise has provided its fans with a revolving door of coaches, recalcitrant players and under performing free agent signings.

As I’ve done in previous years, I started yesterday anew with a fresh outlook on a team budding with possibilities.

Convinced that 2014 would be the breakthrough year for my home town team, I eagerly plopped in front of my big screen television yesterday afternoon only to painfully and quickly witness my football hopes dashed again.

Showcasing a first half of miserable play, my squad wallowed in ineptitude offensively. To make matters worse, my team also struggled defensively against a back-up quarterback who hadn’t played in an NFL game in several years.

By halftime, as I resigned myself to the fact it would be another tough season, my hunger pangs for a winner groaned more loudly.

In spite of its first year, high profile coach at the helm, an upgraded roster and swanky new uniforms, this year’s team was supposed to be better, much better.

But, by every indication in the season opener, it wasn’t.

Poor decision making, ill-timed turnovers and an inability to make a big play at a crucial time in the game proved to me that achieving a .500 record would be a huge stretch.

However, I pledged that I would still support my local guys even though it was extremely evident to me during NFL Week 1 that the playoffs would be a long shot.

Buoyed by the fact that I wasn’t a Cleveland Browns fan or an Oakland Raiders rooter, I basked in the realization that Tampa Bay may be a tough place to cheer on a home town sports team.

But, its beaches are gorgeous, the cost of living is affordable and the weather for most of the year is heavenly.

After turning off yesterday’s game, I ironically found myself borrowing a tune for my Buccaneers that Chicago Cubs fans know too well.

Smiling, I started humming, “Wait ‘til Next Year!”

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