NFL Suspension of QB Tom Brady Very “Ugg-ly”

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The NFL’s suspension of New England Patriots’ QB Tom Brady is nothing short of “Ugg-ly!” That’s right. “Ugg-ly!”

Today’s 2 Cent Tuesday sports blog focuses on yesterday’s shockingly ‘ugg-ly” story that has consumed our daily sports news.

The Australian Uggs designer boot celebrity endorsing Brady had to wince, maybe even shudder, when learning about his long awaited “Deflate Gate” fate.

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NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell came down with a very heavy hand in disciplining the four-time Super Bowl champion. Goodell’s decision is certain to sully Brady’s brilliant football playing legacy.

In addition to the handsome Aussie boot model and nine-time all-pro quarterback receiving a stunning four game suspension with out pay, the league levied a $1 million fine and the loss of two draft picks (a 2016 1st rounder and a 2017 4th rounder) against the Patriots franchise.

Goodell displayed a strict enforcement of league rules and acted in what he thought was in the best interest of protecting the integrity of America’s most revered professional sport. The Commish’s response proves that he believed Brady tarnished the sport for his knowledge of inappropriately deflating footballs to gain advantage in last season’s AFC Championship Game.

The Commissioner’s unprecedented response may have shocked his friend and business associate, Patriots’ owner Robert Kraft, but it certainly didn’t surprise staunch NFL fans and insiders who believed Brady’s actions comprised the integrity of the game.

Many pundits viewed the suspension positively. They echoed that no one is above the game and fair play needs to be protected at all costs.

The NFL’s 242 Wells Report provided a detailed account of the “Deflate Gate” investigation. It most notably cited Brady and the Patriots organization as neither forthcoming nor cooperative in its investigation.

Rival Patriots fans are basking in the news of Goodell’s strict suspension and accompanying fines. Many believed Brady got what he deserved for his aloofness and smug replies to any media inquiries involving “Deflate Gate.”

Distractors are also reveling in the poetic justice served. Ironically, the same Robert Kraft who demanded an apology from the league for its “Deflate Gate” investigation is now stewing in his own cauldron of angst, while he sifts through the mess for which his long time star Tom Brady is responsible.

Loyal Patriots’ backers will bemoan the fact that the suspension was entirely too harsh because four games has become the standard for steroid or banned substance abusers – NOT for a star QB seeking a modest advantage.

However, few NFL fans will argue that as a result of the Brady suspension, nine figure fine and loss of draft picks involving perhaps the league’s most successful and admired franchise, life in Foxboro has indeed gotten “Ugg-ly.” Very Ugg-ly!”

And, that’s my 2 cents.

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