NFL RB Adrian Peterson: Are You a Real Man?

2 Cent Tuesday sports blogToday’s 2 Cent Tuesday Sports Blog horse collar tackles NFL Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson hard with this one simple statement.

“Any man can produce a child, but only a real man can actually father one.”

So, answer sports fans, Adrian Peterson, are you a real man or simply a selfish, undisciplined, sexual pariah who does not comprehend the consequences of his licentious lifestyle?

Certainly, you have demonstrated athletic brilliance with a football in your hands during your NFL career. However, why can’t you comport yourself as a real man, or father, off the football field with the same discipline and desire for excellence?

Why can’t you keep your zipper zipped and your hands at your side and off your progeny? Are you too consumed with sexual conquests and adding another notch to your belt? Is your need for attention so great and your insecurity so wanting?

The gaggle of children you have produced – 7 at last count, 8 when counting your pregnant wife and 9 if your alleged baby mama’s story stands true – need a father in their lives.

Your kids require far more than child support from a womanizing man who happens to share the same DNA. That’s right. They need love, attention and mentoring, and they desperately covet involvement from a true father figure  in their rearing.

What kind of a role model have you been and what kind of a role model will you be to the nine children you are responsible for bringing into this world?

You, AP, have not exhibited any of the traits of being that individual that they should genuinely admire and call dad. As much as we know to date, you have skipped on paying child support for three years to Erica Syion to the tune of $52,032 and have even abused one of the kids you sired as evidenced by your avoiding jail time in Texas by pleading no contest to reckless assault of your 4 year-old son in late 2014.

The NFL may have reinstated you and afforded you the privilege of carrying a football again on Sundays.

But, it’s now time for you to show some personal discipline every day of the week and be a real father to the legion of children you’re fathered from various women. And, by all means, learn some self-control and be a real man.

Children need a real man; i.e. a father, and not a child support payment from a philandering fool who just happened to procreate them.

And, that’s my 2 cents.

MIKE on sports!

P.S. Houston Rockets center Dwight Howard, are you listening?

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