Players Association Agrees on New NFL Drug Policy

Late last week, the NFL Players Association announced that its players voted to agree upon a new NFL drug policy.

According to Ian Rapoport and Albert Breer of NFL Media, the revamped NFL drug policy will allow HGH testing in the 2014 season.

The new NFL drug policy will also raise the existing threshold for marijuana violations and evaluate first time off-season amphetamine usage under the league’s Substances of Abuse policy.

The NFL Players Association new drug policy affords some reprieve to previously suspended NFL players like Wes Welker of the Denver Broncos, Orlando Scandrick of the Dallas Cowboys, Josh Gordon f the Cleveland Browns and both Dion Jordan and Reshad Jones of the Miami Dolphins.

However, upon further contemplation of the serious matter of drug testing in sports, I started thinking about the people who’re responsible for drug testing of athletes.

This morning I experienced one of those “aha moments!” I actually laughed aloud when I realized that there are professional careers for those who need to implement the new NFL drug policy.

Plus, purposed professionals in similar roles make certain that swimmers, cyclists, runners and horses aren’t doped up on drugs before they race.

In no way was I looking to minimize the importance of this invaluable practice which protects the integrity of sports. But, I thought closely about the drug testers, thinking, what an interesting career choice.

As I ruminated a bit more, I chuckled. I wondered when that special moment occurred in a young person’s life when he or she decided to pursue a career in sports as a urine tester.

With that thought, I dusted off this one minute animated short that I created a couple years ago about urine testers in sports.

I titled the sophomoric spoof Worst Job in Sports!

You know, fans, saying you’re really swamped at work – or – that you can’t keep your head above water takes on a whole new meaning when your job is that of a urine tester – the worst job in sports!

Yes, a most interesting career choice.

But, thanks to those who do it in order to keep our sports clean.

MIKE – thee ultimate talking head in sports!

MIKE on Sports Badge



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