NFL Instant Replay: Anything But Instant

NFL instant replay

Football’s instant replay is anything but instant!

Allow me to start my work week by venting over the endless and agonizing stoppages in play during NFL games.

NFL instant replay is anything but instant. Actually, it’s probably one of the most agonizing experiences in all of sports.

The NFL instant replay process irks me even more than multiple pitching changes in the late innings of a baseball game or the proliferation of timeouts during the final two minutes of a college or NBA basketball game.

Football fans can read thousands of pages of Congressional legislation – twice – faster than a ref can sort out the very same play that he and his NFL officiating crew just witnessed live only a few moments ago. Just how difficult can it be to make a decision?

Ironically, fans at home will raid the refrigerator, hit the head and update their fantasy picks, only to find themselves stewing on the sofa as the zebra clad man in charge slowly and seriously studies replays from every conceivable angle under a cloaked hood.

His decision should be easy, but it’s NOT.

The actions of the main man in stripes always seems slower than that of a slug’s.

Exactly what’s the ref doing under that black curtain? Checking emails? Watching ESPN Sports Center? Tweezing unwanted facial hairs Calling Domino’s for a post-game delivery?

Or, reading an unabridged edition of War and Peace?

NFL brass needs to act fast, or instantly, to bring the instant back into instant replay.

Otherwise, impatient football fans like me, God forbid, start watching soccer instead.

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